Approving Flextivity in macOS 10.13.4 or Higher

In order for Flextivity to be fully functional in macOS 10.13.4 or higher, users must enable Full Disk Access and approve the Flextivity profile locally on each device.

Enabling Full Disk Access

Approving the Flextivity Profile

What is Full Disk Access?

Starting with macOS 10.14 Mojave, Flextivity requires Full Disk Access to scan your Mail, Messages, Safari files, and other user data.

Full Disk Access is a new security feature in macOS Mojave that requires some applications to be given full permission to access a user's protected files. This way, only applications that are approved can gain access. In previous versions of macOS, this permission was automatically given to all applications at the time of installation. If a user chooses not to give Full Disk Access, some data on the Mac will not be accessible. This is especially important for applications that need to perform specific tasks, such as scanning for malware and content filtering.

How To Manually Enable Full Disk Access

Open the Security & Privacy Preferences pane from System Preferences, select the Privacy tab, and click on Full Disk Access from the list of services:


Click the lock icon in the bottom left and enter your password, select the [+] button, and then press the following keys on your keyboard: 'command+shift+G':


Now, copy and paste the following file paths into the 'Go to the folder' window and click Go:


It should look like this:


You will now be presented with a window where the Flextivity applications have been automatically selected. Click Open and the applications will be added to the Full Disk Access list. Once you have added the apps from the file paths above, Full Disk Access should look like this:


Approving the Flextivity Profile in System Preferences

After the Flextivity.pkg file has been installed and Full Disk Access has been granted as outlined above, you will also need to approve the profile from System Preferences > Profiles:



Once approved, Flextivity is fully functional.



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