Flextivity 1.6 Update Release Notes

Flextivity version 1.6, released on 12/16/15, is a required update and will be automatically applied.

What’s New in Flextivity 1.6?

  • Updated the malware-scanning engine to improve performance. The new version leverages improvements in the core operating system that enable better utilization of system resources.
  • Improved data retention policy, whereas data collected from devices managed by Flextivity will now be deleted after 90 days, as per the EULA.
    • This will include screen shots, reporting information and alerts.
    • If you have information you need to keep, you can easily export it using the Flextivity console.
  • Enhanced update process so that client software no longer requires a reboot (available in version 1.5.3 or newer).
  • Added weekly email alerts that will be sent to administrators if “new” pending devices are awaiting approval.
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