Flextivity 1.5 Update and Bug Fixes

What's new in Flextivity 1.5?

Bulk Approval of Devices

  • Authorize or decline multiple devices from the new devices alert

Improved Application Firewall Rules

  • Whitelist unsigned apps for network access
  • Whitelist all printer and scanner apps for network access
  • Allow a user to allow or block unsigned apps for network access

Improved Firewall Rules

  • Asterisks may now be used as wildcard characters for IP address exceptions (ex: 10.*.*.*)

Exclude Time Machine volumes from Real Time Scanning

  • To improve Antivirus scanning performance, an option is now available to exclude Time Machine volumes from Real Time Scanning (RTS).  These volumes may still be scanned manually.

Bug Fixes

  • Hostname configurations are now available when viewing Firewall policies in Chrome
  • Blocking outgoing internet connections will no longer result in a pending state for the firewall policy device status
  • Resolved an issue where policies were not applied to all clients in some situations
  • Resolved an issue where definitions updates may appear to be stuck
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes
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