Scheduled vs. Triggered Screen Recording

Enabling screenshot recording on your devices will allow Flextivity’s software to capture screenshots either on an interval, or through Smart Record, which triggers a recording session when suspicious activity is encountered.

Flextivity’s Smart Record is designed to give employers deeper insight into the context around events that occur on company owned computers. Flextivity looks for typed words or phrases or visited website categories that might be suspicious. When these events occur, Flextivity will record a series of screenshots over a five-minute period. If suspicious activity continues, the screen recordings will continue. You will receive an alert to let you know what triggered the recording. Then, you can log into the Flextivity web console to view the screenshots as they are uploaded.

Flextivity manages Smart Record triggers for events that could be related to sexual harassment, bullying, job searching, or corporate espionage. You can also add your own custom Smart Record triggers. We created this feature because in our experience, most employers are too busy running their business to monitor regular screenshots of employee computers. But to protect their company and their employees, they still want to benefit from insight into situations that may be a cause for concern. Smart Record captures that context and allows you to make an informed decision about each situation.

Should you choose to set your screenshot recording to scheduled intervals instead of using Smart Record, the screenshots accessed in the Flextivity Cloud console will be organized by day. Presently, the smallest interval available for interval recording is one screenshot every 15 minutes. This will likely generate more screenshots than you will have time to review, but can be used for general purpose monitoring and reinforce your activity reports as you are getting a feel for how your employees spend their time.


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