How to Uninstall Previous Intego Software

A standard Apple installation package named Uninstall-All-Intego-Products.pkg is available here:  Uninstall All Intego Products

Installing this package on a Mac will uninstall all of the previous Intego products installed on this computer in order to install Flextivity.

This package can be installed either using Apple Remote Desktop, an equivalent solution, or manually.

Uninstalling using Apple Remote Desktop

1. Open Apple Remote Desktop.
2. Select the computers to uninstall the Intego products.
3. Choose Manage > Install Packages...
4. Select the Uninstall-All-Intego-Products.pkg package.
5. Click Install.

Uninstalling using the command line

This requires physical or ssh access to the Mac, Administrator privileges, and the Uninstall-All-Intego-Products.pkg on the Mac.

1. Open the Terminal application or connect using ssh.
2. Type or copy and paste the following commands:

$ cd the/path/to/the/folder/where/the/package/is

    For example, if the package exists on the Desktop enter: $ cd Desktop

$ sudo installer -pkg Uninstall-All-Intego-Products.pkg -target /

3.  Enter your Administrator password (please note that the password will be invisible as you type).


Uninstalling from the Finder

This requires physical access to the Mac, Administrator privileges and the Uninstall-All-Intego-Products.pkg on the Mac.

1. Navigate in the Finder to the folder containing the installation package.
2. Select the package.
3. Choose File > Open.
4. Follow the instructions in the Installer application.

Once you have successfully run the package, restart the computer.

Flextivity can now be installed on the computer that previously contained other Intego software.

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