About Labels

In the Flextivity Cloud Console, labels are a great way to identify and quickly search for your computers. A computer can have one or more labels. For example, many companies set up a label for each department so that each group can have its own set of rules and policies. Additionally, some people want special identifiers for roles in their company, such as for supervisors or managers.

When you first get started with your Flextivity account, you are provided with a template to start you off. You are provided the option to edit or customize that template, or choose not to use labels at all if your needs are simple.

To manage labels at any time, simply click on the “Manage Labels” option from the Manage > Computers page. You can add, edit or delete labels for your account at any time. Please note that if you delete a label that is already in use, that label will no longer be associated with any computers. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of a label if there are any computers currently associated with it.

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