How to Create a Network Access Policy

Network Time Access allows you to define when the computer may be active on the network and provides limits on different types of activity during a certain time of day.  For example, you might configure the policy to allow access to social media for a maximum of 30 minutes during normal business hours.

To create a new Network Time Access policy, log into the Flexitivity Cloud web console and go to the Manage Policies page. Click on “Create New Policy” and select “Network Time Access” as the type of policy to create.  You can also give this policy a name to help you remember what it does.

On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of computers that have been authorized on your account. Choose the computers that should use this new Network Time Access policy. If you haven’t installed the Intego software on any of your Macs, this list will be empty and you will need to come back to apply this policy to devices.

Next, you will need to choose the Network Time Access settings that you would like to apply. You can choose from the following options, or create your own custom settings.


Internet access is allowed at any time of the day, with no limitations.  Choose this if your employees are free to use the Internet as they wish, with no limits on recreational surfing.  Note that any categories blocked by Web Filtering will still not be accessible.

Productivity Booster
Surfing is slightly restricted between 8 and 6 pm.  A one-hour time limit is set on browsing social media related websites and blogs.  If you find your employees are more productive when they take small breaks throughout the workday, these limits will help ensure those breaks don't bleed into productive time.  Note that any categories blocked by Web Filtering will not be accessible.

Productivity Maximizer
A limit is placed on browsing non-work related websites between 8 am and 6 pm.  A one-hour limit is set for social media, blogs, music, news, forum, shopping, and sports categories.  Choose this if you are trying to minimize distractions for your team.  Note that any categories blocked by Web Filtering will not be accessible.

Breaks Only
All surfing is restricted during 8 am and 6 pm, but employes can surf as they wish during lunch hour.  By default, this is set from 12 pm to 1 pm.  Choose this only if your employees do not need to access the Internet as part of their job duties.  Note that any categories blocked by Web Filtering will not be accessible.

Scheduled Access, Category Restrictions, and Website Restrictions can be edited under the See More tab.


Scheduled Internet Access

When "Restrict Internet Access to specific hours of the day" is checked, the blue intervals in the schedule represent what times the Internet may be accessed.  This can be edited by dragging the allotted blocks of time, doubling-clicking a new time, and deleting an interval of time.



Category Restrictions

Category Restrictions can also be applied.



The limit for certain types of website content can be set for hours and minutes.  You can also add category limits.


Website Restrictions

You can also apply daily category limits to specific websites.



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