How to Add a Device

When a new employee joins your company, or someone gets a new computer, it might be time to add a new computer to your Flextivity account. First, you will want to determine whether you are adding an additional computer or replacing a computer already on your account.

If the new computer is a replacement for one that is already authorized on your account, you will first want to deauthorize the old computer that is being replaced. You can do that by logging into your Flextivity Cloud console account and clicking on Manage, and search for the device. Once you have found the device, click to see the device details, and then click Deauthorize. This will send a message to that computer the next time it accesses the internet, and will prompt the uninstall process for the Flextivity software on that machine. 

If the new computer is not replacing an existing device, you will want to make sure that you have a license available for the new computer. This is displayed on your Flextivity Cloud console dashboard. If you do not have any licenses available, you can click on Account-Subscription and upgrade your account to accommodate the extra computer.

Once you have confirmed that a license is available on your account, you can download the Flextivity software package and install it on your new computer. You can find the download link on the Profile page. Alternatively, you can provide the download link to your employee.

After installation is complete, the new device will appear on the Manage page, and you will have a notification on your Dashboard that a new device has joined your account. You just need to authorize the new computer with one click to unlock access to all of the Flkextivity features and protections.

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