Installing Flextivity using Apple Remote Desktop

Preparing For Installation

Before you begin to deploy the Flextivity package, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • Remote Management is enabled on all target systems. You can enable this from the System Preferences pane; click Sharing. In the resulting window, select Remote Management in the left pane and select the sharing features you want to enable. Check the ARD documentation for recommendations; for example, “Copy Items” and “Delete and Replace Items” should be selected for deploying packages. 

  • The Flextivity package you plan to deploy is on or accessible from your administrative machine.
  • You have already defined an ARD group that includes all the target systems to which you want to deploy the package. 
  • You have sufficient free memory to deploy on all target systems. This includes space to copy the deployment package to the target system, in addition to the installed size of the deployed products.


Package Deployment

  1. Start Apple Remote Desktop on your admin system.
  2. Select the target machines.  In the left pane of the ARD main window, select the desired computer list, and verify the target machines in the right pane.
  3. Set up install packages.  Select the 'Install Packages' option of ARD and add the install package to be deployed.  Choose whether to restart, whether you want to run this task from this application or task server, and other options as desired.  If you wish, you can schedule the installation task for a later time. To do this, click Schedule in the lower left corner of the Install Packages window; then, in the Schedule Task window, enter the time and date at which you want to install the package.
  4. Install to the target systems.  If you have not scheduled the task for a later time, check the availability of all target machines listed in the Name area at the bottom of the Install Packages window. When you click Install, installation immediately begins on all listed targets.
    If you have scheduled the task for a later time, click Install. Before the time at which the task is scheduled to begin, make sure that all target machines listed in the Name area of the Install Packages window are in a quiet state with no active users, but are active to receive the command.  When the Install Packages task is executed, its status is shown in the ARD window. When the process completes, the status is updated accordingly.

    Warning: Do not stop install/uninstall tasks through Apple Remote Desktop. If you attempt to do so, the operation may continue even if the ARD window indicates it has stopped.
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