How to Install Flextivity On a Client Computer

Create a Package

After you have set up your account and default policies you are ready to add devices into Flextivity and install the software on all client computers.

When you created your account on Flextivity, we created a custom software installation package specifically for you.  All you need to do is install that package on a device, and it will be added as a candidate for management in your organization.  There is no need to enter any configuration information on the new client.

Installing On a Client

This package can be installed in multiple ways.  The first time you login to your Flextivity account, you will be presented with a list of options for distributing the software.  

1.  E-mail your users a link to the download package and instruct them to execute it. 
Click the Email Link option and you will be prompted to enter an e-mail address for the person you wish to send the package to.  You can also choose Copy to Clipboard to copy and paste the link into any e-mail, chat, or web browser.

If you are installing directly from a client computer, when you double-click on the FlextivityClient.pkg file, the Installer will launch and direct you through the installation process.  Once installation is complete, no further action is necessary from the client computer.

2.  Download the package and place it on an internal server.
Another option is to download the software package directly.  You can download and place the package on a local server so it can be accessed by others on the network to execute on their machines.


3.  Use Apple Remote Desktop or similar endpoint management solutions.  
For more information on using Apple Remote Desktop to deploy Flextivity please consult the Installing Flextivity using Apple Remote Desktop article.



If you need assistance installing on a client or encounter any issues, please Contact Support for assistance.

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